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Reason for offering coconut in Goddess Shakti Temples

Coconut is an important offering in Goddess Shakti temples in North India. Unbroken coconut is offered in temples like Jwalamukhi and other important shrines. Symbolically offering coconut is equal to offering one’s own head.

Legend has it that once there was an ardent devotee of Mother Goddess Shakti named Dhyanu Bhagat. He worshipped Mother Goddess Shakti in the Jwalamukhi form. He used to take pilgrims to the JwalajiTemple in Himachal Pradesh.
Dhyanu Bhagat lived during the period of Mughal emperor Akbar.
Akbar who came to know about Dhyanu Bhagat’s devotion summoned him to his court and enquired about nature of Goddess Jwalamukhi.
Dhyanu Bhagat told him that She is the Mother of the universe and answers the prayers of Her devotees.

To test the power of Goddess Jwalaji, Akbar cut the head of Dhyanu’s horse and asked him to have it put it back with blessings of Goddess.
Dhayanu went to JwalamukhiTemple and prayed a day and night. Goddess did not appear. Then Dhyanu cut of his own …

Housewarming in Ashada Month – Kannada – Telugu Ashada Masam Grah Pravesh

There are many communities that believe that housewarming or grah pravesh should not be performed in Ashada month. Some people even do not shift to rented houses in Ashad Masam. There is no Hindu scripture backing for this belief.
This taboo is not followed in neighboring Maharashtra and Gujarat during the Ashada month. Here people perform house warming ceremonies etc.
If you look for housewarming dates in Panchang and calendars you will not get any dates in Ashada month as most of them do not mark dates in Ashada month.
If you want to perform puja or ceremony in Ashada month then look for shubh dates in the month. This is marked in most calendars and use them for your rental and housewarming purposes.
Not performing housewarming is not based on Hindu scriptures. This is purely regional belief. Hinduism does not ask anyone to follow any such rules.
It is for you to take an independent decision and do what is best for you. Stop discussing such things with others as there will thousand…

Thirukural Quotes on Folly

The biggest folly among follies is to cherish a desire for a prohibited object.
Whnen your reason or conscience tells you that a thing is unworthy of you, it is folly to waste your mental energy indulging in thoughts about it.
There is no bigger fool than the man who has acquired much learning and preaches the same to others but who does not control himself.
The self inflicted miseries of ignorance are greater than what can be inflicted by enemies.
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