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Swami Ramananda Jayanti

Swami Ramananda Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Sant Ramananda, a Vaishnava Saint and reviver of the Ramanandi sect. Swami Ramananda Jayanti 2024 date is February 2. It is observed annually on the Magh Krishna Paksha Saptami day – seventh day during the waning phase of moon in Magh month in Hindu calendar followed in North India . Swami Ramananda (1400–1476) was the Guru of Sant Kabir and also of Guru Ravidas. Swamiji was also a social reformer and pioneer of Bhakti movement in North India . He spread the teaching of Sri Ram and taught people the futility of caste system by pointing out that Sri Ram did not differentiate between people and welcomed all people. 

Swami Satyasangananda Thoughts

Today we are afraid to discuss matters pertaining to sex. We think sexuality pertains to a part of our personality which is dirty and despicable, and that it is best to suppress or ignore it, and thereby it will disappear. But this is not the answer… you do not free yourself of this powerful drive simply by crushing and trampling it; rather its roots itself deeper and deeper in your consciousness. This attitude towards sex is responsible for innumerable inner conflicts. The pleasure of passion and lust, which man is unable to control, comprehend or express, has led to countless, severe cases of neuroses, mental instability, fear, anxiety, stress, psychosis, sexual disorders, lack of confidence and insecurity. The fault lies not in the individual, but in religious and moral beliefs, which have preached the infamy of sex. Man has been brainwashed for hundreds of years into believing that sex is certainly sinful, evil and also anti-spiritual. Swami Satyasangananda Related Anandmurti