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Origin Point of Saraswati River - Shri Saraswati Udgam Sthal in Yamunanagar in Haryana

Located in the ShivalikMountains, origin Point of SaraswatiRiver is near the AdiBadrinathTemple in Yamunanagar District in Haryana. There is a kund or pond here which is believed to be the starting point of SaraswatiRiver. Shri Saraswati Udgam Sthal is located around 15 km from the famous Kapal Mochan Tirth in Bilaspur.
The temple of Adi Badri is of great significance. It is believed that River Saraswati flowed from here during the Satya, Treta and Dwapar yuga.
The River disappeared in the Kali Yuga. According to Mahabharata, SaraswatiRiver dried up on account of a curse by the Sage Utathya.
Apart from the AdiBadriTemple the place also has a temple dedicated to Shiva – a naturally formed Shivling believed to be Adi Kedarnath. There is also a temple of Goddess Mantra Devi.

Hanuman incarnation of Shiva – Ravana devotee of Shiva – the conflict

Hanuman is an incarnation of Shiva – Rudra avatar, partial incarnation. Ravana was one of the greatest devotees of Shiva. So there was conflict – how could an incarnation of Shiva fight the demon Ravan? When Shiva took the avatar of Hanuman, Goddess Parvati raised this question.
Shiva replies that Ravan did all penance and austerities to get boons and become powerful. He was not interested in attaining Moksha. He was interested in only spreading Adharma.
Ravana did intense tapas to please Shiva. When Shiva did not appear, he cut off his heads one by one and offered them into a sacrificial fire.
Ravana thus pleased the 10 ferocious manifestation of Rudra Shiva. But Shiva had 11 Rudra manifestations. The 11th Rudra was not satisfied by the sacrifice.
It is the 11th Rudra that incarnated as Hanuman and caused the destruction of Ravana and his demon empire.

Quiz on Animals as Vehicle or Vahana in Hindu Tradition

The Sanskrit word ‘Vahana,’ which means vehicle, is used for the animals and birds that serve as the carriers of the gods in Hinduism. This a simple on the various animals used as Vahana or Vehicles in Hindu tradition.

The Quiz is in embedded format -


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Bhagavan Sri Ram Teachings in Ramayana

As long as you identify your self with this body, you will feel miserable. Atman is not the body, sense, or ego. It is due to ignorance that you are affected by these worldly sorrows.
When you dream of something it seems real as long as the dream lasts. Similarly, to a man who always thinks of the senses and the pleasures derived there from, this world seems real.
If good deeds are done with a sense of ego, they only bind you to this world. So to gain knowledge you should work without the least trace of pride.
Pure knowledge is that which kills all desires and attachments. Any work with a particular motive behind it should be given up, it only binds you to the cycle of birth and death. It is harmful for your attaining real knowledge.
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