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Thechi or Flame of the Woods Flower in Hindu Pujas

Thechi, Flame of the woods, also known as Chethi, Thetti, Jungle Geranium and Jungle Flame is a flower widely used in Hindu pujas and rituals in South India especially in temples in Kerala. The flower is known as Rugmini in Hindi, Vedchi in Tamil, Thechi in Malayalam and Rangan in Bengali. The scientific name of the flower is Ixora coccinea.
Red Thechi flowers are widely used in Hindu Temples. White and light yellow and yellow varieties are also used for pujas.
Offering Thechi Garland at the world famous SriKrishnaTemple in Guruvayur is considered highly meritorious.

Flame of the Woods is widely used through out the temples in South India. It is also used as offering in daily pujas in homes.
The Poomoodal ritual in KadampuzhaBhagavthyTemple in Kerala is performed only with Chethi flowers.

Commemorative Stamp on Shri Devnarayan

Shri Devnarayan believed to be an incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu is worshipped in Rajasthan and northwestern Madhya Pradesh. He is worshipped by the Gujjar community and He is appeared to protect the community. Legend has it that Vishnu appeared as Devnarayan to fulfill the promise that he gave Saadu Maata Gurjari.

Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj Teachings

Search for special and good qualities in everyone; learn from them and gain wisdom and experience.
Once we are able to discover this essential oneness of man and universe, the Creator and the created, then here is no looking back, the whole journey is a journey in joy.
Love confined to the physical or material relationship perishes alongwith the object.
If we want to flourish spiritually and live with spiritual awareness, we have to have an attitude of enjoyment and enthusiasm towards life that leads to meaningful and mindful life. Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj
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