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Importance of Bathing of Murtis of Hindu Gods in Rivers and Lakes after Festival

Bathing of Murtis of Hindu Gods in sea, rivers, lakes, ponds and other water bodies is an important ritual during annual temple festival in many Hindu Temples in South India. This ritual is popularly known as Arattu or Snanam. The popular Chakra Snanam during Brahmotsavam at TirupatiBalajiTemple is typical example of the ritual.
It is believed that during the ritual the deity performs Amrita Varsham. Devotees are allowed to take bath along with the deity in some temples.
It is also believed that when a deity takes holy dip in the water, Akasha Ganga makes its presence felt in that particular water.
The deity during the ritual is bathed using turmeric, powders of various grams, gold and Ashtagandha.
For the bathing ritual, the utsava murti, or the murti that is carried around for rituals, is used.
The priest takes the utsava murti into water and takes dip three times.
The murti is then place on a raised platform near the water body and pujas are performed.
It is believed that taking part in …

Rath Yatra at Banashankari Temple in Badami in 2019

The annual Rath Yatra at the famous BanashankariTemple in Badami in Karnataka is observed on the Paush Purnima day as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Karnataka. In 2018, Rath Yatra at BanashankariTemple in Badami is on January 21. BanashankariTemple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti and the Rath Yatra attracts thousands of devotees from Karnataka and Maharashtra.
Goddess Banashankari is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati and is believed to have appeared to annihilate Demon Durgamasura.
Bana, or Vana, means forest and Shankari means consort of Shiva. The BanashankariTemple in ancient time used to be located near a dense forest.
On the Rath Yatra day, Goddess Banashankari is taken around the streets near the temple. Devotees pull the temple chariot and this pulling is believed to be highly meritorious.
A huge fair of local produce and crafts is also held during the period.
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Each object in the world is not merely itself but involves every other object – Rig Veda

Do not abandon all the great, pure, calm oceans of the mind and cling to one bubble of confusion and accept it as the whole ocean. Be like the Ocean, which receives all streams and rivers. The Ocean’s mighty calm remains unmoved; it feels them not.
Each object in the world is not merely itself but involves every other object, and in fact is every other object.
All the Vedic rites, oblational and sacrificial, pass away; but this imperishable syllable Om is to be known to the Supreme Truth.
The man who wins food with fruitless labour: that food – I speak the truth – shall be his ruin. Rig Veda
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