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Brahma Sarovar at Kurukshetra in Haryana

A sacred lake, Brahma Sarovar at Kurukshetra in Haryana is believed to be spot from where Brahma created living beings on earth. It is also and important bathing spot during Surya Grahan, or Solar Eclipse. Brahma Sarovar is around 1 km from Kurukshetra Railway Station.
There are two islands in Brahma Sarovar. There are numerous temples on the islands and there is holy tirth known as Chitrakupam on one of the islands.

SarveshwarMahadevTemple, Birla Gita Mandir and Baba Sharwannath’s Temple are located here.
Thousands of people take holy dip in the sarovar on the Amavasya day – no moon day – in Hindu lunar calendar. It is believed that bathing on Amavasya day will help in redemption of sins.
Brahma Sarovar also attracts thousands of devotees during Gita Jayanti day. Special aarti and satsangs are held during the period.
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Damodarastakam in Hindi in pdf format

Damodarastakam is a popular prayer dedicated to Sri Krishna. The prayer is chanted on all days in Kartik month. It is also chanted on special occasions dedicated to Sri Krishna. This particular Damodarastakam prayer is in Hindi in pdf format. It contains the lyrics with meaning and explanation in Hindi.
LinkDamodarastakam in Hindi

Know more about Srikrishna as Damodara
Damodara or Damodar is one among the twelve important names of Lord Vishnu.

Sri Krishna got the name Damodar when He as a child was tied to a grinding mortar by Yashoda, His foster mother at Vrindavan.

Story of Sri Krishna moving the wooden grinding mortar ends when he pulls it through two trees that were standing close by in Vrindavan.  This he did to give moksha to Devas who were cursed by Sage Narada.

Sri Damodara Ashtakam from the Padma Purana is chanted by devotees in the Kartik Month.
Benefits of Chanting Damodara AshtakamMoksha or liberation.Chanting it is a sign of unfathomable devotion to Srihari Vishnu.Peace…

Swami Kriyananda – Pearls of Wisdom

The sex instinct is a holy force, not something to be ashamed of. But being one of the strongest impulses in human nature it can overtake our finer emotions and drain the energy. So enjoy in moderation and let the act be one of love and bliss.
If you want to work in harmony with others, let them have their own space to come around in their own way, and in their own time.
Ego by itself cannot get out of delusion; it is already infected by the disease it wants to cure. To overcome ego, get rid of separateness.
Swami Kriyananda
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