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Jyotisaras – Place where Bhagavad Gita was narrated in the Kurukshetra

Jyotisaras is a holy place located near Kurukshetra in Haryana and it is believed that the Bhagavad Gita was narrated by Sri Krishna to Arjuna here. A Vat Vriksha, a banyan tree, believed to be more than 8000 years is worshipped here. Jyotisaras is located on the Pehowa – Kurukshetra Road and is around 5 km from Kurukshetra.
It was at Jyotisaras, Krishna showed the Virat Roopa. The Banayan Tree standing here is witness to the Kurukshetra war in the Mahabharata. It was also lucky to listen to the Gita and also witness the Virat Roopa.
Today one can see a marble chariot depicting Arjuna and Krishna. There is also a mango shaped pond. Another highlight is an old ShivaTemple.

Kalnirnay 2012 Calendar Apps for iphone and ipad

Kalnirnay, one of the most popular calendars in India, is now available in iphone and ipad. The panchang, almanac and calendar apps are available in Marathi,, Hindi, English, Telugu and Kannada. This app is not free download.
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Shirdi Sai Baba on Worship

The main obstacles to success in your Sadhana are your feeling of ‘I’ and ‘Mine’, ‘Ahamkara’ and ‘Mamakara.’
Realise God as the sole independent Reality. The soul is dependent on God’s grace for realizing its true blissful nature. Whether it is in the bondage or the state of release, the Soul is dependent on God.
Devotion and service to God must be performed without expecting results. This attitude alone will take one near God.
Worshiping God with devotion is the greatest virtue. The devotion displayed by you should not be for mere show, even when thrown amidst penury. All your good deeds should be aimed to please God. Shirdi Sai Baba
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