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Bindu Saras Lake in Hindu Tradition

Bindu Saras is a holy lake in Hindu tradition and is mentioned in Puranas. It is situated on the northern side of MountKailash, the abode of Shiva. Legend has it that Bindu Saras was created from the tears of Vishnu which fell on the spot when Srihari Vishnu was moved by the intense Tapas and austerities performed by Kardama Prajapathi.
Bhagiratha did Tapa (penance) here in order to bring Mother Ganges into Earth
Indra performed 100 Yagyas here.
Lord Shiva also performed Yaga here. Shiva who captured Ganga on his hair released the River into Bindu Saras.
Sri Krishna did great Tapa here and attained great merits.
Maya, the asura, offered DevaDatta and Vrishaparvav's mace (Gada) to Arjuna and Bhima respectively at this place.
Please note that there is also a lake named Bindu Saras in Bhubaneshwar city in Orissa. Numerous temples are located on its banks. Legend has it that Shiva created this lake to quench the thirst of Goddess Parvati.
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Swami Chidananda Website with His Teachings in Writings, Audio and Videos

Swami Chidananda Saraswati (1916 – 2008) was the president of the Divine Life Society in Rishikesh – associated with the Swami Sivananda Ashram. The Divine life society has created an official website of Swami Chidananda with his teachings in writing, audio and video formats. The website also includes some rare pictures of Swami Chidanandaji.

If you are new to the teachings of Swami Chidananda Saraswati. This is it in nutshell… Divine consciousness is ever present, ever free, ever full and ever complete. This is what you are! Live in the light of his awareness with every breath and every step, with joy and with enthusiasm. No matter how thick is the covering of the clouds, the Sun shines brilliantly always. – Swami Chidananda Saraswati. You can visit the official website here – Chidananda

Kalbadevi Yatra and Festival in Mumbai

Kalbadevi Yatra and Festival is held annually to the Kalbadevi temple in Mumbai. It is annually held on Margashirsh Amavasya day as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Maharashtra. Kalbadevi Yatra 2018 - 2019 date is January 5. Goddess Kalbadevi is also known as Mumbadevi and is believed that she was the residing deity of the Mumbai region and was worshipped by Kolis.
The annual yatra and festival attracts thousands of people the KalbadeviTemple.
KalbadeviTemple is the oldest Temple in Mumbai and was relocated twice to accommodate the needs of the growing Mumbai metropolis. Currently it is located at the Zaveri Bazaar in South Mumbai.

You will have peace only if you rise above worldly desires – Sri Anandamayi Ma

God's name is He Himself - The name and the named are identical.
The more one thinks of one's Ishta (beloved Deity), the firmer will one's faith in Him grow.
You will have peace only if you rise above worldly desires.
There is nothing in this world, yet everyone is madly pursuing this nothing - some more, some less.
Man is no other than the Self; but he wrongly thinks of himself as a separate individual centered in his body and identified by a particular name.
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