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Court Rulings Help in Checking Pollution in Ganga River

Pollution levels in the GangaRiver continue to rise but certain court rulings are helping in checking pollution in the River. A series of decisions by courts have stopped giant construction projects near Ganga and also made it mandatory for cities on the banks of Ganga to have waste treatment plants. National Geographic News reports Three sacred rivers – Ganga, Saraswati and Yamuna meet at Allahabad. In the dry season the Ganges limps into town, dark with sewage and industrial waste. Pollution is heavy even at the height of the monsoon. The Yamuna arrives burdened by raw sewage from New Delhi, some 1,900 million untreated liters (502 million gallons) each day. Past rescue efforts have failed due to fatal gaps in planning, implementation, and administration, said professor B.D. Tripathi, of the Center for Environmental Science & Technology at BenaresHinduUniversity. Important changes are happening on the ground, thanks partly to rulings by the Allahabad High Court that:

Squashed both…

Jiddu Krishnamurti on Loneliness

Most of us are psychologically dependent, not only on people, but on property, on beliefs, on dogmas. Are we at all conscious of that fact? If we know that we do depend on something for our psychological happiness, for our inward stability, security, then we can ask ourselves why.
Why do we psychologically depend on something? Obviously, because in ourselves we are insufficient, poor, empty; in ourselves we are extraordinarily lonely, and it is this loneliness, this emptiness, this extreme inward poverty and self enclosure that makes us depend on a person, on knowledge, on property, on opinion, and on so many other things which seem necessary to us.
To know your own emptiness, you must look at it, but you cannot look at it if your mind is all the time seeking a distraction from the fact that it is empty.
…in our capacity to look at ourselves without judgement, without condemnation, without comparison, because we have all been trained to compare, to judge, to evaluate, to give an opinion.…