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Kshipra Ganapati

Among the 32 forms of Hindu God Ganesha, Kshipra Ganapati is the form that satisfies a devotee immediately. The belief is that Kshipra Ganapathi gives boons and blessings immediately.
The Kshipra Ganapati Mantra is Dantakalpalata pasharatna kumbhanksho jvalam!! Bandhooka kamaniyabham dhyaayeth kshipraganadhipam!!
Form Kshipra Ganapati is depicted as having four hands. The body color is red. The hands hold goad, broken tusk, a branch of kalpa Vriksha and bunch of flowers. The trunk is shown as holding a kalash.
Benefits of Kshipra Ganapati A major belief is that this form of Ganesha is immediate in all his actions. He grants long life, fulfills desires and provides peace and prosperity. His anger too is immediate and those following Adharma are punished quickly.
Temple Kshipra Ganapati form is worshipped at Kannyakumari and also at JyothirMaheshwaraTemple in Srirangapattinam in Karnataka.

Thaliyil Temple Photos – Virtual Tour of Thaliyil Shiva Temple near Kottayam in Kerala

ThaliyilTemple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva and is located at Thazhathangadi near Kottayam in Kerala. The temple is a typical example of the Kerala style temple architecture. Leen Thobias of has created an online virtual tour of ThaliyilTemple with pictures. You can view the temple photos in 360 degree. There are total six images of the outside of the temple. Link – You can take the virtual tour of the ThaliyilShivaTemple here.

Before you hear the voice of cosmic Truth you must hear the voice of silence - Swami Rama Thoughts

Desire is the very root of all miseries. So you must become desireless by maintaining the Here and Now by constant awareness. Remember the center of consciousness within you. When you are able to lead your mind to this state of desirelessness, then it is considered to be real meditation. Those who live for the welfare of all are sustained by the Self of all. Before you hear the voice of cosmic Truth you must hear the voice of silence. Best of men is he who lives in the world, but remains above. Karma is our own making. What we experience today is the result of what we have created in our past. So, too, is our future of our own making.
Swami Rama