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Online Puja Fraud – Fake Website in the Name of Kalighat Temple in Kolkata

A domain name that is similar to a popular Hindu temple, sacred place or Hindu God is what is needed today to create a fraud online puja website. A website with a domain similar to the popular KalighatTemple in Kolkata was offering online pujas and other services for a hefty fee. The services included selling of various spiritual products. The owner of the fake website – – was recently arrested by the police. The Telegraph reports
The Kalighat temple trust called Basu’s bluff after learning from devotees living abroad that they had offered virtual puja “through its website”.
Unlike some shrines, the Kalighat temple trust does not offer any online services. “We discovered that the accused had developed the website with a domain name containing the word ‘Kalighat’ so that foreign devotees wouldn’t suspect foul play. Not only Kalighat, he lured foreigners into offering online puja at other shrines,” joint commissioner of police (crime) Damayanti Sen said.
Over time,…

Ashoka Sashti

Ashoka Sashti is observed in the Chaitra Month especially in Bengal and eastern parts of India. Ashoka Sashti 2018 date is March 23. Shasti or Shashti is the sixty day of a fortnight in a Hindu lunar calendar.

Ashoka Sashti is observed on the sixth day during the waxing phase of moon or Shukla Paksha. The flower buds of the Ashoka tree are consumed on the day by people.

Ashoka tree is seen as a symbol of love and is also associated with the Kamdev, the Hindu God of love.

On the same day, Skanda Sashti is observed in Gaya and Surya Sashti is observed in North India.

Eknath Easwaran Thoughts

Nothing can be more important than being able to choose the way we think – our feelings, aspirations, and desires; the way we view our world and ourselves. Mastery of the mind opens avenues of hope. It means that we can begin to reshape our life and character, rebuild relationships, thrive in the stress of daily living, become the kind of person we want ourselves to be. During an early morning walk on a secluded beach, I found myself absorbed in watching a huge log with which the sea was playing like a cat. Wave after wave carried the log onto the shore and then rolled it back, unresisting, in the curl of the backwash. Finally a huge swell swept it far up onto the sand. It lay there sodden, as if to say, “I came here all by myself, and now I am going to stay here. I like this place.” But a few minutes later another rush of water lifted it free again and carried it back into the sea. Along it went without a sign of protest, buffeted and rolled at the pleasure of the waves. I couldn’t hel…