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Why Marriages are not held in Margazhi month or Tamil Margali Masam?

Margazhi month, or Margali Masam , is a highly auspicious Tamil month. It is the last month before the Uttarayana Punyakalam begins. Some Hindu communities do not hold auspicious ceremonies like marriages in the Margazhi month. This is not a general rule but is followed strictly by some Hindus. The main reason for not conducting marriages is that people want to use the holy month to concentrate on spiritual activities. The importance of Margali Masam was announced by Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita when He said Maasanam Margasheershoham – among the twelve months, I am Margazhi. Margazhi Month is also considered the dawn period of Devas. The belief is that the Devas who had gone to sleep during the Dakshinayana wake up in the month of Margazhi. A human year is considered to be a day of the Devas. The day time begins with Uttarayana Punayakalam  – mid January. The night time of Devas begins during  Dakshinayana Punyakalam – mid July. The reason for not conducting mar

Chennai – Mookambika Temple – Sringeri – Udupi Package Tour from Indian Railways

Rail Tourism  India , the tourism arm of Indian Railways, is conducting spiritual tour from Chennai to Mookambika Temple and Sringeri. The five-day tour includes darshan at Mookambika Temple , Visit to Sringeri, Dharmasthala, and Udupi Sri Krishna Temple . The Spiritual Tour starts from Chennai . The price of per person occupancy is Rupees 8900/-, double occupancy is 4950/- and triple occupancy is 3750/-

Hanuman Ashtami at Ujjain Bade Ganesh Temple

Hanuman Ashtami is a unique ritual observed at the Bade Ganesh Temple located at Ujjain . Hanuman is worshipped in the form of Panchmukhi Hanuman – five-faced Hanuman. The temple is located on the Har Siddhi Road near the Mahakaleshwar Temple . Hanuman Ashtami 2024 date is  January 4. Bade Ganesh Temple at Ujjain is also a famous center for Hindu astrology. The temple also conducts classes on Sanskrit and Astrology. Hanuman Ashtami is observed on the krishna paksha ashtami day in Poush month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. 

Tripur Bhairavi Mahavidya Jayanti – Tripura Bhairavi Jayanti 2024 Date

Goddess Tripura Bhairavi is the 8 th Goddess among the ten Mahavidyas. Tripur Bhairavi Mahavidya Jayanti date is  January 24. It is believed that this form of Goddess Shakti appeared on earth on this day. Tripur Bhairavi Mahavidya is worshipped for defeating sensual desires and for attaining peace and prosperity. In some Tantric scriptures she is also referred as Kala Bhairavi. It is said that she presides over the world that is undergoing transformation – from good to bad and from bad to good. Mahavidyas are ten in number and they are the forms of Goddess Shakti – she appears in these ten forms to provide knowledge about the Ten Supreme Forms of Energies. It is annually observed on Paush Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi Tithi.

Sudhanshu Maharaj Quotes - Teachings of Sudhanshuji Maharaj

Sudhanshuji Maharaj is a modern day Hindu Guru. Here are few quotes and teachings of Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj. Prayer, Endeavor, Inspiration, and Industry I consider them four fruits of life. We build our good luck through them. Inside every man Resides God and Inside every man there is a superman. What we require is that we recognize our significance and strive to uplift ourselves mentally and spiritually. Then the superman inside us will be awakened and the divinity inside us, will lift itself and excel. As the reflection of the moon can be seen in still waters, similarly one who is at peace can see God. Luck is stronger but endeavor is much stronger then luck. Do give importance to your luck but not more than your action. Search for special and good qualities in everyone; learn from them and gain wisdom and experience. Once we are able to discover this essential oneness of man and universe, the Creator and the created, then here is no looking back, the