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Sudhanshu Maharaj Quotes - Teachings of Sudhanshuji Maharaj

Sudhanshuji Maharaj is a modern day Hindu Guru. Here are few quotes and teachings of Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj.

Prayer, Endeavor, Inspiration, and Industry I consider them four fruits of life.
We build our good luck through them.

Inside every man Resides God and Inside every man there is a superman.

What we require is that we recognize our significance and strive to uplift ourselves mentally and spiritually. Then the superman inside us will be awakened and the divinity inside us, will lift itself and excel.

As the reflection of the moon can be seen in still waters, similarly one who is at peace can see God.

Luck is stronger but endeavor is much stronger than luck. Do give importance to your luck but not more than your action.

Search for special and good qualities in everyone; learn from them and gain wisdom and experience.

Once we are able to discover this essential oneness of man and universe, the Creator and the created, then here is no looking back, the whole journey is a journey in joy.

Love confined to the physical or material relationship perishes along with the object.

If we want to flourish spiritually and live with spiritual awareness, we have to have an attitude of enjoyment and enthusiasm towards life that leads to meaningful and mindful life.

Love is the goal of life. Saints, seers and prophets of the world have spoken of love as the end and aim or goal of life. The Raslila of Sri Krishna is full of prem and divine mysteries. The stripping of clothes of gopis means peeling off and shedding the ego. Krishna has spread the message of love through his flute.

Tread the path of love, commune with god, and reach the eternal abode of love. This is your highest duty. You have taken this body to love, which alone is the goal of life.

Love is all pervading: True religion does not consist in ritualistic observances, baths and pilgrimages but in love all. Cosmic love is all embracing and all-inclusive. 

Times are changing so try to mould yourself according to the time and situation.

The leaves of the tree fall and new leaves come and give freshness.

Be creative and positive to create something new.

Shed old wrong habits and seek new and fresh habits.

Freshness welcomes a new shine and brightness of the sun which is welcome like dawn.

Viewing the rising sun motivates you for a fresh new start, and is like a fresh air.

My hope is that flowing water, gushing rivers, blooming flowers, chirping birds and giggling children engulf your life with pleasure and happiness.

Only the feelings arising from the deepest core of the heart can compel God to shower his blessings, love and kindness.

Prayer is the voice of the soul.

Prayer is power as it illumines the soul, strengthens the mind and purifies the heart.

During times of utter distress, when the heart sinks deep into sorrow and all doors of help seem to close, the key of prayer unlocks the door of the lord and provides anchor to the sinking ship of life.

Prayer unfolds layers of ignorance that conceal the true potential of a person.

When the innermost feelings of a person find divine expression, they originate in the form of a prayer.