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The Great Hindu Tradition – Book with Meanings of Hindu Rituals and Why We Perform Them

The Great Hindu Tradition by Sri Sarma Sastrigal attempts to clear the curiosity that arises in the mind of Hindus when they perform a particular ritual. The book gives insights into Vedic principles and Shastras and on why we perform certain rituals in our daily life.  Ancient customs and traditions are explained in simple English in the book.
Swami Dayananda Saraswati described the book as different as it gives answers to common questions. “This is a handbook of Vedic dharma,” he said.
Nirmala Lakshman, Joint Editor, The Hindu, said “the book, with smaller to larger examples, reminds us of our links to the community and the world at large.” She said a great deal of clarity about the traditions and cultures had been brought out in the book.
Where to buy the book?
I wanted to buy the book. So I searched for the publishers name in all the newspapers that published the news of the release of the book. There was no information on who the publisher was or from where I can buy the book.
Finally I stumbled upon a classified advertisement about the book. It seems one has to buy the book directly from the author.
The Great Hindu Tradition
Author – Sri Sarma Sastrigal
Price – Rs 200/- in India + Postage Rs 100/-
Phone number of the author – 9444380973