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Qualities of a True Guru or Saint – Sri Krishna in Uddhava Gita

In the Uddhava Gita in the Srimad Bhagavad Purana, Sri Krishna advises Uddhava regarding the qualities of a true guru or saint. Here are the qualities enumerated by Sri Krishna.

  1. Gurus are kind to all.
  2. They won’t wrong anybody.
  3. They have no grudge against anyone.
  4. They have endurance, patience, fortitude.
  5. They are free from scandals.
  6. They take pleasure and pain in the same vein.
  7. They are ever ready to help others.
  8. They are not enchanted by worldly things.
  9. They have tender heart but full command over their sense organs.
  10. They are pure, benevolent, detached.
  11. They eat only for survival and never for taste.
  12. They are totally and always at ease.
  13. They are unperturbed.
  14. They are devoted to Brahman (Supreme Truth).
  15. They are thoughtful.
  16. They are alert and conscious.
  17. They are serious.
  18. They are patient in dangers.
  19. They have won over all the six weaknesses – hunger, thirst, pain, lust, old age and death.
  20. They give due honor to others.
  21. They are skilled and dexterous.
  22. They are friendly to all.
  23. They are merciful and wise.