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Pandu Osha

Pandu Osha is observed in Orissa in the Margashirsh month. It is dedicated to Yudhishtira, the eldest of the Pandava brothers. Pandu Osha 2017 date is December 3. Some texts suggest that the Osha is dedicated to Pandu the father of the Pandavas.

Annually Pandu Osha falls on the Purnima or full moon day in Oriya Margashirsh month. It is also known as Pandu Purnima.

A popular story associated with Pandu Osha states that the King of Kalinga had no children and his luck changed after he and the queen observed the Pandu Osha.

Akhand Dwadashi Vrat 2017 – Akhand Dwadasi Date in 2017

Akhand Dwadashi Vrat is observed on the 12th day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Margashirsh month. Akhand Dwadasi Date in 2017 is December 1. The Vrat is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu. Food made using milk of cow is eaten on the day. Curd is consumed by thos offering the vrat.

The vrat is also observed by some Hindu communities on any of the 12th day of the Shukla Paksha in Margashirsh, Paush, Phalgun, Chaitra, Vaishak, Jyeshta or Ashada month.

It is believed that observing this vrat will help in attaining peace and prosperity in life. It is also performed for a good family life.

Immortal words of Sant Kabir

When I was, Hari (God) was not, now Hari is and I am no more: All darkness vanished, when I saw the Lamp within my heart. The effulgence of the Supreme Being is beyond the imagination: In effable is His beauty, to see it is the only ‘proof.’ Him whom I went out to seek, I found just where I was: He now has become myself whom before I called ‘Another.’ When love renounces all limits, it reaches truth. With the load of desires which you hold on your head, how can you be light? Wherever you are is the entry point. Just throw away all thoughts of imaginary things, and stand firm in that which you are. Sant Kabir
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