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The Story of Muruga and Valli

Valli is the wife of Hindu God Muruga and the devotional hymn, Tirumurukarruppatai, narrates the love story of Muruga and Valli. Muruga, the Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, is popularly known as Kartik in North India. He is the commander of the Gods and is one of the most popular deities in Dravidian culture.Legend has it that Nambi, a tribal chief, who was blessed with many sons longed for a girl child. Once Nambi stumbled upon a hole that was dug to find roots and yams in the forest. In the hole he found a beautiful girl child and she was named Valli as she was found in the hole dug for yams and roots. The tribal chief brought her up as his daughter and she grew up to be a beautiful young lady.Young Valli was assigned with the duty of guarding the millet farm of the tribe. Lord Muruga who was residing on the Palani hills came to know about the beauty of Valli from Sage Narada.Muruga took the form of a young hunter and tried to impress Valli. But she was hesitant and their first meeti…

Story behind the Construction of Vivekananda Rock Memorial – How Ekanatha Ranade Overcame Politicians to Build the Memorial

Vivekananda Rock Memorial in Kannyakumari is a world famous monument today and is visited by thousands of people daily. The beautiful memorial in the middle of the sea would not have been possible if not for the single minded devotion and dedication of Ekanatha Ranade, who had to overcome politicians, Christian missionaries and narrow-minded bureaucrats of India. Prof. A.V. Narasimha Murthy, former Head, Department of Ancient History & Archaeology, University of Mysore, writes about the struggle undertaken by Ekanatha Ranade in building the Vivekananda Rock Memorial in the newspaper Star of Mysore.Most of the people do not know or even cannot imagine the trouble, frustration and disappointment experienced by the persons behind the memorial. Like a Trivikrama and Nakshatrika, Ekanatha Ranade stood by this memorial and ultimately became successful. This story is not only poignant but also brings to light the meanness of the politicians of the contemporary times.People had planned t…

Sri Chandrasekhara Bharati Thoughts on Fate

You are responsible for what you are today. You are responsible for your pain and suffering and misery. You cannot escape your responsibility by blaming fate; for fate is of your own making, or by blaming God, for he is but divine dispenser of fruits in accordance with the merits of your actions. You have none to blame but yourself for your present state of affairs.By exercising your free will in the present, wipe out the past record and work for a better future. Whether for acquiring more happiness or for reducing misery, you have to exercise your free will in the present.Fate is nothing but the sum total of the results of your past actions.Sri Chandrasekhara Bharati