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Goddess Kamala – About Hindu Goddess Kamala

Goddess Kamala is worshipped as a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of goddess of wealth, wellbeing, and prosperity. Kamala literally means ‘lotus’ in Sanskrit, and symbolically it denotes purity and auspiciousness. She is also one among the Mahavidyas.

Goddess Kamala is depicted similar to Goddess Lakshmi except for that she is always depicted with two elephants showering water. The water showered by the elephants symbolically represents the rains, without which life is not possible.

The Goddess is worshipped for wealth, prosperity and auspiciousness. She is also believed to bless couples in getting children.

Today, it is very hard to distinguish between Goddess Lakshmi and Kamala. Goddess Lakshmi form of Mother Goddess is more popularly worshipped. The difference is only noticed and practiced by Tantric practitioners and priests. For a devotee Goddess Lakshmi and Kamala are the same.

Tantric worshippers believe that is the Shakti of Vishnu and is the divine consort who participates in all his divine activities.

She is worshipped in form of Yantra by Shakti worshippers.