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Official website of Tulja Bhavani Temple – Tuljapur Bhavani Mandir

Shri Tulja Bhavani Temple located at Tuljapur in Osmanabad District in Maharashtra is one of the most important Goddess Shakti Temples in the state and is also one of the Shaktipeetahs. Now the Tuljabhavani Temple Samiti has created an official website of the mandir in both English and Marathi. Currently the website provides some basic information like how to reach the temple, distance from important towns and cities in Maharashtra.

Tulja Bhavani was the family deity of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj and also of thousands of families in Maharashtra and other states.
The website will be soon providing online puja facility.

You can visit the website here - Official website of Tulja Bhavani Temple (click the link to visit the website)

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