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Bhadrakali Jayanti 2018 date – Bhadra Kali Jayanthi 2018

Bhadrakali Jayanti is believed to be the day when Goddess Bhadra Kali incarnated. Bhadrakali Jayanti 2018 date is May 11. It is observed on the eleventh day of the Krishna Paksha (waning phase of moon) in Jyeshta month. The Jayanthi day gains even more auspiciousness when it falls on Tuesday and the Nakshatra is Revati. The day gains even more significance when it falls after Kumbha Mela.
Legend has it that Bhadrakali appeared when angry Shiva upon hearing about Sati’s death pulled his hair and threw it down. From it appeared Bhadrakali.

Devotees wear black clothes on the day and offer coconut water to Goddess Bhadrakali. Idol of Mata is also bathed with milk, sugar etc. The prayers begin at noon.

Belief is that prayers offered on the day will help in overcoming horoscope problems and various grah doshas. Another belief states that prayers offered on the day will help in fulfilling 11 desires.

In some regions people also perform Kumari Puja – pooja of young children.

The day is also o…

Difference Between Asuras and Rakshasas – Are They Not Both Demons?

To majority of Hindus and those who read Hindu scriptures and stories, Asuras and Rakshasas mean the same – they are demons. But several scholars are of the opinion that an Asura and a Rakshasa are not the same. They are different. The primary difference is that Asuras reside in the netherworld or underground and Rakshasas live on the earth. Asuras are the enemies of Devas or demigods and Rakshasa are the enemies of human beings and saints.

Some scholars are also of the view that Rakshasas were the protectors of the forest and came into conflict with human beings who wanted to clear forest, cut trees and wanted to exploit the nature.
It must also be noted that majority of the episodes of battle between Rakshasas and human beings take place in forest. It looks like the humans were invading their space and it is when they retaliate.
Rakshasas are chiefly mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata like Tadaka, Surpanaka, Kumbhakarna, Hidimba, Ghatotkacha, Baka etc . Not all Rakshasas are…

India to Patent 900 Yoga Asanas to Prevent Claims by Foreign Companies

Saint Patanjali developed Yoga Asanas for the welfare of humanity. Bhagavad Gita extols its importance. But monetary gains and never ending greed of modern multinational companies and certain individuals has landed Yoga postures in world of patents. There ever-slow government bureaucrats and administration in India has finally woken up to the yoga patent issue – this after nearly 250 yoga postures were patented around the world.The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in India has prepared patent formats of nearly 900 yoga asanas (postures) and has included them in the digitalised Traditional Knowledge Library (TKDL), set up by the council to collect and record traditional treatment therapy knowledge. The Council claims that yoga asanas registered with it enjoy the status of being patented.Hindustan Times reports"Video recordings of the asanas are also being made and recorded to prevent them from being stolen," said TKDL director Dr VK Gupta. The CSIR began …

Dashahara Vrata – Dasahara Vrat

Dashahara Vrata is dedicated to Goddess Ganga (River Ganges) and is observed by certain Hindu communities. In 2018, Dashahara Vrata begins on June 14 and ends on June 22 – the Ganga Dasahara day. The Vrat is observed from the first day of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in Jyeshta month (May – June). It is a 10-day Vrata.

This Vrata is based on the legend that Goddess Ganga descended on the earth on Jyeshta Shukla Dasami (10th day of Jyeshtha month) pleased with the austerieis performed by King Bhageeratha.

The important rituals during the period are daily morning bath in River Ganga for redemption of sins and worship of Ganga. Some people also perform Tila Tarpana.