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12-year-old Kerala Girls Installs Murti in Temple for Worship as Per Tantric and Vedic Rules

Murti installation in a HinduTemple is performed by male priests belonging to the Brahmin community. Occasionally, revolutionaries have broken this male-dominated domain and have performed installation of idols. But this is perhaps the first time that a Brahmin girl has performed the Murti Installation Ceremony or the Prathishta Karmam as per Tantric and Vedic Rules. Hindustan Times of ReportsBreaking a centuries-old right traditionally held by male priests, a 12-year-old girl in Kerala has installed the idol of goddess Durga in a temple near here.The girl, Jyotsna, performed the idol installation rites — known in local parlance as prathishta karmam — on Sunday at Painknnikkavu Bhadhrakali temple with full support of senior members of her family.As per temple traditions followed by Kerala for centuries, only a few Namboodiri (a caste) families have the right to install idols in new or renovated temples and they are known as thanthris (traditional high priests).This practice was openly…