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Book: Spy Network in Mahabharata

The book titled ‘Spy Network in Mahabharata’ looks into the role of the secret agents in the Mahabharata. Written by Ramendra Narayan Sanyal, former Joint Director, Intelligence Bureau, Government of India, the book tries to unravel the methods used by different characters in the Mahabharat to gather intelligence. Kauravas had employed secret agents to keep track of the movement of Pandavas right from the beginning. And the numerous attacks and attempts to murder the Pandavas were based on the information provided by the secret agents. The author claims that both Pandavas and Kauravas were aggressively recruiting secret agents to collect information regarding war preparations and tactics during the 18-day Mahabharata war.The author claims that the efficient secret agents recruited by Lord Krishna had played an important role in the success of Pandavas in the war.Spy Network in Mahabharata
Written by Ramendra Narayan Sanyal
Published by Shipra Publications
Price – Rupees 150/-The book is …

Jillellamudi Amma Quotes

My life is infinite and my history is limited.Pure empathy for the suffering of others is the hallmark of divinity.The Darkness which is the basis of light is the real Light.If you ask, "what is true and what is false?" I say all that appears is true. We are using the name 'God'. For whom? For what kind of a being? We don't know what HE is like. We don't know the meaning of that word 'God'. 'God' means 'what is', 'Truth, Reality (Asalu). What is Reality? 'What is', 'what is', is God.Jillellamudi Amma – a great spiritual teacher from South India