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Today is Akshay Tritiya

Today May 16, 2010 is the third day of the Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month and is observed as Akshay Tritiya also known as Akha Trij or Akha Teej. The word Akshaya means ‘that which never diminishes’ and the day is ideal for beginning new ventures as it is believed that all investments on this day appreciates. The day is also ideal for performing charity and auspicious deeds.But sadly the day has been converted into a Hindu Gold Rush day by smart jewellery shop owners and their marketing glitz is being copied by real estate mangers and other sellers.You can find more about Akshay Tritiya 2010 here...You may also like to readWhat to do on Akshaya Tritiya Day

Why is Akshaya Trithiya Observed ? – The Stories in Scriptures

Hindu Gold Rush Day

Teachings from Chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita

No authority or effectiveness in life is possible unless the man in power has self control and self mastery. No man can live a happy and mighty life unless he has conquered his passions and crowned himself with kingship over himself. (11.17)
The eternal Truth is one and the same, everywhere, at all times; only Its manifestations are varied and the degree of Divinity sparkling from each differs according to the grossness or subtlety of the equipment through which the same Infinite Reality expresses itself. (11.17)
Each man sees the world as he himself is. We look at the world through the windows of our mind; as our mind is, so is the world to us. (11.20)
That terrible-looking monstrous happening called ‘death,’ when approached in a correct perspective and with true understanding, unmasks itself to reveal a gladdening cheerful face. (11.29)
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