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Charan Sparsh – The Importance of Touching Feet of Elders in Hindu Tradition

Charan Sparsh, to touch the feet of elders and take their blessing, is a Hindu tradition that is followed from the Vedic period. The importance of Charan Sparsh is mentioned in the Atharva Veda. Through the act of touching the feet of an elderly person, we show our respect and in return we are blessed. The person performing the Charan Sparsh act learns to be humble, courteous and respectful.
Some traditions believe that through Charan Sparsh positive energies are exchanged between two individuals. This exchange of energy helps in building self confidence and humility.

Ashataka Shradh – Krishna Ashtami Shraddha

Ashataka Shradh is observed on the eighth day during the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in the month of Margashish, Paush, Magh and Falgun months. On Ashataka Shraddha day, dead ancestors, relatives and parents are offered their favorite food on the day. In some regions and for some Hindu communities, it is observed mainly on Falgun (February – March) Krishna Paksha Ashtami (eighth day during waning phase of moon). Ashataka Shraddha is believed to have been performed during the Vedic period and is mentioned in the Mahabharata.Dead souls are offered vegetables, sesame seeds (Til) and some of their favorite food items.Vedic deities like Agni, Surya, Prajapati are propitiated on the day.

Shrinathji Patotsav at Nathdwara

Shrinathji Patotsav, or Pathutsav, is an auspicious day at Nathdwara and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Shrinathji Patotsav 2018 date is February 7. It is believed that Shrinathji (Lord Krishna) visited the house of Shri Girdharji at Mathura an ardent devotee of Shrinathji. The Padotsav day is of great significance as the day reminds people what Bhakti can bring to your home – the Lord Himself.
The day is observed on the seventh day of the Phalgun Krishna paksha as per traditional calendar followed in North India.
Shrinathji played Holi with the family of Shri Girdharji and accepted all that was offered by the pious devotee – the family offered all the gold and all the valuables that were available. It is said that Shri Girdharji asked Shrinathji not to leave anything behind and to please his devotee; He took all that was offered.
Balls or sticks made using flowers are offered on the day.
Shrinathji Patotsav ritual is also part of the soon arriving Holi festival.