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Haridwar Kumbha Mela 2010 Photos – Slide Show

Western media is always desperate to capture the photos of Naga Sadhus – whom they describe as naked Hindu holy man. But for Haridwar Kumbha Mela 2010 the administration had made it strict that no photographers will be allowed in the important bathing ghats in Haridwar where Naga Sadhu Babas will be performing rituals and taking the holy dip during Kumbh Mela.

The San Francisco Chronicle has published a beautiful 13-photo slideshow of the Maha Kumbh Mela 2010 that is happening in Haridwar, India. The focus here too is on the Naga Sadhus but the photographs captures the mood the mela.

You can view the slide show provided by San Francisco Chronicle here.

Naga Sadhus

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Naga Sadhus