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Hanuman Plush Dolls – Some Hindus are not happy

Kridana, an online shopping which concentrates on bringing Great Indian Epics to life for children, has brought out plush dolls based on some of the characters in Ramayana. The most popular among it is the Hanuman Plush Dolls. But US-based Hindu Statesman Rajan Zed and Forum for Hindu Awakening are not happy with the Hanuman Plush Dolls. They have asked the Pennsylvania (USA) based company to recall the Hanuman plush dolls as they see it as inappropriate, upsetting, and denigrating.

As per Kridana

Hanuman truly keeps his friends close to his heart - and there's no better place for this cuddly, adorable monkey than close to yours.

Hanumanji is a super-cuddly 13 inches from crown on head to tip of flexible tail!

Included with every doll is a 12-page, full-color storybook hangtag telling your child all about Hanuman's adventures!

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Young Krishna is a friend and philosopher for children – but he is often a playmate. Hanuman is close to the heart of children – they play with him very well knowing that He is god.

The problem begins when we try to make Hinduism a religion and not a way of life. When we try to mould it like the other organized religions of the world there props up issues.

Hanuman Plush Dolls might be something new but dolls based on Hindus deities are very ancient.