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Mahavir Hanuman Serial on Colors Television Channel

Mahavir Hanuman is yet another Television serial based on the life of Lord Hanuman. The series will be telecast on Colors channel in India and is produced by Sagar Arts – the production house that captivated the Indian viewers with Ramayan Serial in the 1980s. Mahavir Hanuman Serial will be aired on Saturdays from July 27, 2009 at 2000 hrs (Indian Standard Time) on Colors Channel.
In recent years, several television serials and animation films based on Lord Hanuman have appeared on various Indian television channels. So an average Indian viewer might be wondering what is new in Mahavir Hanuman Serial. The producers claim they are bringing fresh approach in the area of make-up and special effects. The Promo of Mahavir Hanuman Serial looks different –

Tula Rashi July 2009 Astrology Predictions – Horoscope

For people born in Tula Rashi, or Libra, July 2009 is a month of positives with few disappointments. The Surya Grahan in July 2009 is favorable for the Tula Rashi. In 2009, people born in Tula Rashi will concentrate on improving professional efficiency. There will be some good news in the family. There will be no major financial gains.New ideas at the professional level will improve your position. Superiors will respect your determination and skills. You will be given responsible positions. Avoid getting emotionally attached to projects at workplace. Business people will have a good month. Some government related matters will be sorted out. Avoid getting angry.No major financial gains are expected this month. Some people might find it hard to stick to their budget due to unwanted spending. Avoid taking loans and borrowing. Not the right time to invest in speculative markets. Luck may favor some in lotteries.Tula Rashi people shall have a pleasant domestic period. Some of you might fal…

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj on Awareness of Brahman

The consciousness of one’s own being, of the world, and of its supporting primal force are experienced all at once. Awareness of one’s own being does not mean here the physical consciousness of oneself as an individual, but implies the mystery of existence. Prior to this, in the ignorance of one’s own being, there is no experience of Brahman as being there. But the moment one is aware of being, he is directly aware of the world and Brahman, too.
At the stage prior to this cosmic awareness, the self and its experiences are limited to the worldly life. This worldly life starts with birth and ends in death. To become aware of ourself, the world and God all of a sudden is a great mystery indeed. It is an unexpected gain; it is an absorbing and a mysterious event, extremely significant and great, but it brings with it the responsibility of Self-preservation, sustenance and Self development as well, and no one can avoid it.Sri Nisargadatta MaharajSource: Self Knowledge and Self Realization b…