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Ashada Masam 2011 in Kannada and Telugu Calendar in 2011

Ashadam or Ashada Masam (June - July) is the fourth month in the traditional Hindu calendar followed in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. In 2011, the beginning date of Ashadam is July 2 and Ashada Masam ends on July 30. The month is considered inauspicious by some Telugu and Kannada speaking people. There is a popular belief is that the wife should not stay with the husband in the Ashada Masam. The tag of inauspiciousness attached to Ashadam is primarily due the fact that the Dakshinayana Punnjaykalam (night time of Devas) begin in this month. Some people consider it inauspicious to conduct rituals and other ceremonies during the period. There is also a popular belief is that the wife should not stay with the husband in the Ashada Masam. This is because if the wife becomes pregnant in Ashada, she will give birth in March – April (Chaitra). This is the hottest period in India and it is not suitable for the health of the mother and child. Ashada Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) is from J…

Book: The Mahabharat Re-Imagined

The Mahabharat Re-Imagined written by Trisha Das and published by Rupa Publications is a collection of scenes from the Mahabharata and they have been interpreted by the author based on her level of thinking and imagination. One of the reasons for the universal and eternal appeal of the Mahabharat is that it allows a reader the freedom of interpretation and to suggest an explanation or criticize a character’s behavior. Trisha Das imagines how her Draupadi in Mahabharata would have behaved, if she was asked to marry the five Pandava brothers. 'Do you ask that my body, worshipped by my father's subjects and untouched by any man, now succumb to five men? Draupadi waved her hands wildly as she inched closer to Kunti, her shrill voice resounding off the walls, 'I would rather jump into the river and drown myself. At least I would die a princess, not a prostitute.'The author has taken such liberties with many scenes in the Mahabharata. Some of her other imaginations areWas Pr…

Simha Rashi July 2009 Astrology Predictions – Horoscope

For people born in Simha Rashi, or Leo, July 2009 brings equal share of good and bad times. The Surya Grahan on July 2009 is not good for Simha Rashi. You will be busy at the workplace as result your family life will be disturbed. Long term investments will be valuable. Avoid getting into arguments.Professionals will have a busy period. Your ideas will be appreciated but take good care of the presentation part – keep it simple so that people will understand you. Not ideal time to change the job. Business people will have a good month. You will able to recover debts. Contacts with established people will be of great help.There will be no major worries in money matters. Long term investments will be beneficial. Avoid speculation and lottery. Some people might try to trick you into spurious investments. You might think about sprucing up your home. Stubbornness will create problems in personal life. Married couples will have a tough time in balancing home and career. Effective communicati…

Vedic Prayers from Shvetashvatara Upanishad

May He, who created the gods and supports them; who witnessed the birth of the cosmic soul; who confers bliss and wisdom on the devoted, destroying their sins and sorrows, and punishing all breaches of law; – may He, the great seer and the lord of all, endow us with good thoughts! (Chapter IV, Verse 12)He who at the beginning of creation projected Brahma (Universal Consciousness), who delivered the Vedas unto him, who constitutes the supreme bridge of immortality, who is partless, free from actions, tranquil, faultless, taintless, and resembles the fire that has consumed its fuel – seeking liberation I go for refuge to that Effulgent One, whose light turns the understanding towards the Atman. (Chapter VI, Verse 18 – 19)Shvetashvatara Upanishad

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