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Yoga Vasishta Teachings

The river falling into the ocean is no more the river but the ocean. Its waters mingling with sea waters become the salt sea. Just so, the mind cleaving to Shiva is united with him and finds rest therein, as the blade is sharpened by its reduction upon the stone.
The mind engrossed in its own nature forgets the Eternal Spirit and must return again to this world, never attaining spiritual felicity.
An honest man dwells amongst thieves only so long as he does not know them as such. No sooner does he come to know them than he is sure to shun their company and flee from the spot. So too the mind dwells amongst unreal dualities as long as it is ignorant of the transcendent One. But when it becomes aware of True Unity, it is sure to be united with it.
When the ignorant mind comes to know the Supreme Bliss attendant on the state of Nirvana, it is ready to resort to it, as the inland stream runs to join the boundless sea.
The mind roams bewildered in its repeated births in this tumultuous wor…