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Alakananda River Endangered by Hydroelectric Projects

AlakanandaRiver is one of the most important headstreams of GangaRiver. Alaknanda, a glacial river, meets BhagirathiRiver at Devprayag in Uttarakhand and later turns to Ganga. But Alakananda is now drying up even before it meets Ganga due to huge hydroelectric projects. In short, this will endanger River Ganga and badly affect its flow. AlakanandaRiver is a holy river and legend it has that Alakananda was formed while Mother Ganga descended on to earth. BadrinathTemple is located on the banks of AlakanandaRiver. D S Kunwar writes in Times of India about the drying up of AlakanandaAlaknanda, which once sliced through the Lambagar area just below the 400 mw Vishnu Prayag hydroelectric power project in Chamoli, doesn’t flow there any more. Reason: heavy construction work for a hydroelectric project has forced it to change its course. Environmentalists warn that a delicate ecological balance in the area has been gravely imperilled and say that up to 26 km of riverbeds along the Alaknanda …

Raja Sankranti in Orissa

Raja Sankranti is a three-day festival dedicated to girls and women in Orissa. The festival also welcomes the impending monsoon season and people do not indulge in farming during the period. Mother earth is given three days rest. The first day of the festival is known as Pahili Sankranti, the second day is Raja and third day is Basi Raja. In 2018, Raja Sankranti begins on (date) June 14 and ends on June 16.

The festival is associated with fertility cult. Women observe for three days all the rules that they observe during the menstruation period. Young women are equated with Mother Earth during Raja Sankranti.

A major highlight of the festival is the special swings prepared for women and girls on huge banyan trees. Numerous different types of swings are prepared for the festival. Women indulge in merry making and swinging on all the three-days. Women do not perform any puja and do not visit temples during the period.

There is a popular belief that the three-day period of Raja Sankrant…

Osho Thoughts on Philosophy and Truth

Philosophy is a disease and not an ordinary one either. It’s not a common cold. It is cancer- Cancer of the soul. Once a person is lost in the jungle of philosophy he becomes more and more entangled in words, concepts, abstractions and there is no end to it. One can go on and on for lives together.Truth is simple. Very simple – so simple that a child can understand it. In fact, so simple that only a child can understand it. Unless you become a child again you will not be able to understand it. It is an experience, not speculation.