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Badrinath Temple Opening in 2010 – Opening and Closing dates

BadrinathTemple, or Badarinath Dham, is one of the most popular and sacred temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is part of the Char Dham Yatra. In 2010, the date of opening of the Kapat of Shri Badrinath Temple is May 19. Badrinath shrine is located in the Himalayan heights in the Garhwal Hill tracks in Uttarakhand in India at an altitude of 10,248 feet.
At Badrinath, Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Badari Narayan and Badari Vishal. The idol of Badarinarayan is seen under the Badari tree and is flanked by Kuber (God of wealth) and Garuda, Narad, Naranarayana. There are also shrines dedicated to Maha Lakshmi and Adi Shankara.Badrinath shrine only remains open for six months in a year and remains closed during winter (October to April).

Sri Aurobindo Thoughts on Veda the foundation of the Sanatan Dharma

I seek a light that shall be new, yet old, the oldest indeed of all lights. I seek an authority that accepting, illuminating and reconciling all human truth, shall yet reject and get rid of by explaining it all mere human error.I seek a text and a Shastra that is not subject to interpolation, modification and replacement, that moth and white ant cannot destroy, that the earth cannot bury nor Time mutilate. I seek an asceticism that shall give me purity and deliverance from self and from ignorance without stultifying God and His universe.I seek a skepticism that shall question everything but shall have the patience to deny nothing that may possibly be true. I seek a rationalism not proceeding on the untenable supposition that all the centuries of man's history except the nineteenth were centuries of folly and superstition, but bent on discovering truth instead of limiting inquiry by a new dogmatism, obscurantism and furious intolerance which it chooses to call common sense and enli…