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Sheetalashtami – Chaitra Krishna Paksha Sheetala Ashtami

Sheetalashtami, or Sheetala Ashtami, is an auspicious day dedicated to Goddess Sheetala in the month of Chaitra (March – April) as per the traditional calendar followed in North India. In 2018, the date of Sheetalashtami Vrat is March 9. It is observed on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha (waning phase of moon) in Chaitra month. It is believed that observing this Vrat will help in curing various diseases.

Goddess Sheetala is propitiated to get rid of several diseases like chicken pox. A unique ritual of offering stale food is observed during Sheetalashtami. Food need for Sheetala Ashtami puja is prepared a day before in advance.

People offer various food items to the Sheetala Mata on the day. People also feed old people on the day and take their blessings.

It must be noted here that some communities observe the eighth day of Krishna Paksha of every month as Sheetalashtami. But the most auspicious one is the Chaitra Krishna Paksha Ashtami.

Shvetashvatara Upanishad Teachings

May He, who created the gods and supports them; who witnessed the birth of the cosmic soul; who confers bliss and wisdom on the devoted, destroying their sins and sorrows, and punishing all breaches of law; - may He, the great seer and the lord of all, endow us with good thoughts! (IV.12)He who at the beginning of creation projected Brahma (Universal Consciousness),who delivered the Vedas unto him, who constitutes the supreme bridge of immortality, who is partless, free from actions, tranquil, faultless, taintless, and resembles the fire that has consumed its fuel – seeking liberation I go for refuge to that Effulgent One, whose light turns the understanding towards the Atman. (VI.18-19)Shvetashvatara Upanishad