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Cow Dung and Ghee can fight pollution – Agnihotra Practitioners

Institute for Studies in Vedic Sciences believes that the ancient Vedic Practice of Agnihotra can fight global warming and reduce pollution. The Vedic practice of Agnihotra involves burning of cow dung along with ghee and rice in a copper altar at sunrise and sunset while chanting specific mantras. The fumes that rise from this burning contain chemicals that absorb pollution and kill harmful bacteria. On March 12, 2009, the members of the institute are celebrating World Agnihotra Day.Aditya Paul writes about Agnihotra in Expressindia.comTo most rational and critical minds, the first question is how can burning cow dung help the environment? Dr Rajanvale answers, “Our institute scientifically researched the theory and I must admit though we are convinced of the effects, we don’t really understand the reasons. For example, we conducted an experiment at a junction in Pune in which we took air samples on a day without doing a morning and evening Agnihotra and a day after doing the Agnihot…

Meena Sankranti – Mina Samkranti

Meena Sankranti marks the beginning of the Sun’s transition from Meena to Mesha or from Pisces to Aries. There are 12 Sankranthis in a Hindu Solar Calendar and Meena Sankranti is the last in one cycle. It is an auspicious day for many communities in eastern parts of India. In 2018, the date of Meena Sankranti is March 14. Time is at 1:58 AM on March 15.

‘San’ means plenty and good and ‘Kranti’ means radical change and Sankranthi means plenty of good change. Meena Sankranti day is of importance is Orissa.