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Official website of Tiruchendur Murugan Temple in Tamil Nadu

TiruchendurMuruganTemple is one of the most famous shrines dedicated to Lord Muruga or Subrahmanya in Tamil Nadu. It is believed to be one of the six chosen spots of Lord Muruga and he is believed to have camped here before fighting and defeating demon Surapadma. TiruchendurMuruganTemple now has an official website with numerous facilities like e-seva, e-accommodation, e-hundi, e-donation and e-sales. A major highlight of the website is a flash-based virtual puja and the photo gallery. You need flash 8 installed to view the website properly. Perhaps the drawback of website is also that there is too much of flash. This might cause huge difficulties in viewing the website for many Indians who still use dial-up and narrowband. Those of you using older versions of Internet Explorer also might find it difficult to open the site.
You can visit the official website of TiruchendurMuruganTemple here - tiruchendur murugan temple

Gobinda Dwadasi – Govinda Dwadashi in Puri Jagannath Temple

Gobinda Dwadasi, or Govinda Dwadashi, is an auspicious day which falls on the 12th day during the waxing phase of the moon in Phalguna or Falgun month. In 2018, the date of Gobinda Dwadasi is February 27. Gobind Dwadasi is considered highly auspicious by Vishnu devotees. Gobinda Dwadasi is of great significance at the PuriJagannathTemple. A rare combination of calculations as per Hindu astrology and almanac taking place provides the opportunity to take holy dip at the Mahodadhi Teerth on Puri coast.

Mahodadhi Tirth is a six kilometer long stretch of the Puri Seacoast from Chakra Tirth to Swargdwar.

It is expected that more than thousands of devotees will take a dip at PuriJagannathTemple seacoast on the auspicious day of Gobinda Dwadasi Buda.