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Swami Sivananda Teachings on Adaptability

Adaptability is a virtue that one can put into practice at once. It is the one quality that will give one success immediately. Adaptability is a virtue or noble quality by which one adapts or fits oneself with others, whatever be their nature. This is the most desirable quality for success in life and has to be developed slowly. One should be flexible if one wishes to adapt oneself to others. The world runs on adaptability. He who knows the art of adaptability gets on quite well in this world and is ever happy and cheerful under all conditions of life. He is free from worry and disturbance. It does not need much wisdom and thought to develop this noble quality. Adaptability is like a strong catgut ligature. It links people in bonds of unbroken love and friendship. A man of adaptability can move about freely with anybody in the world. People love such a man. Adaptability will give one great joy and immense strength. It will develop a strong will. An egoistic man finds it very difficult…