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River Sarasvati to Flow Again – Return of Holy Saraswati River

Hindus always believed that the River Sarasvati flowed on earth before disappearing and the river is mentioned in the Hindu Holy scriptures and is worshipped along with GangaRiver. But the existence of River Sarasvati was always questioned by historians with hidden political agenda. Sadly, such historians were ruling the academies for more than 50 years in India after independence. Now, archeologists have discovered the bed of the SarasvatiRiver in BhoresaidanVillage, about 13 km from Kurukshetra in Haryana. The fact is also mentioned in numerous ancient literary texts.Haryana government is now planning to revive the course taken by SarasvatiRiver by building a 50 km-long channel in Kurukshetra. The discovery of the Sarasvati River Bed happened in 2004 when water started oozing out from the dried SaraswatiRiver bed at the Kapil Muni Temple Sarovar at Kalayat.Atul Sethi writes in Times of IndiaA boon that would not have been possible without the discovery of the river bed. "In 200…

Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal to replace South Indian Priests with Nepali Priests

The pujas and rituals in the world famous PashupatinathTemple in Nepal used to be performed by South Indian Priests. But now they have been replaced by Nepali priests. Believed to have been built in the 3rd century BC, PashupatinathTemple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is the biggest icon in Nepal and is visited by millions of people. Hindu priests from India performed the pujas and rituals in PashupatinathTemple due to a custom started in 1747 during monarchy in Nepal. It was believed that the death of the king, the father of the nation, all Nepalis had to observe a period of mourning which made them unfit to perform pujas and rituals due to Shraddh. Now the king is no longer the ruler of Nepal and the country has become a secular country. So the old custom has no value.Times of India reportsThe new government that came to power after the pro-democracy movement ousted the king and queen from the temple management.

Soon after that, the Satnamis, a sect that worship Hindu god Vishnu, be…

Adi Shankaracharya Teachings – On Rituals

Rituals are like blankets that veil the truth. They are nets to trap our intellect, forcing us to confine our consciousness to the superficial values of the manifest world. The thinking of a person who believes exclusively in ritual practices becomes confined to this little world. Subtle thoughts of the mind and tender feelings of heart become outward oriented. Such a person begins to believe that everything can be accomplished with the help of rituals. Adi Shankaracharya (Source: The Tradition of the Himalayan Masters – Pandit Rajmani, Ph.D. Tigunait)

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