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Ravana Defeated By a Mysterious Being on Kushadweepa

Ravana, the powerful demon king of Lanka, was known for his unparalleled might and ambition. In his quest to conquer the universe, he journeyed through many realms, challenging and defeating numerous beings. One day, his travels brought him to a mystical island called Kushadweepa.

As Ravana and his army approached the island, they encountered a strange and awe-inspiring being. This being was a giant with a body as massive as a mountain, his presence overwhelming and otherworldly. Intrigued and confident in his strength, Ravana demanded a battle.

The giant, with a calm and enigmatic demeanor, looked at Ravana and said, "I will bring an end to all your sufferings."

Infuriated by what he perceived as arrogance, Ravana immediately unleashed a volley of arrows at the giant. However, to Ravana's astonishment, the arrows merely bounced off the giant's body, leaving him unharmed. Ravana, bewildered and frustrated by the ineffectiveness of his attack, began to wonder what to do next.

In that moment of confusion, the giant moved swiftly and grasped Ravana in his enormous hand. The demon king struggled, but the giant's grip was like iron. Overwhelmed by the sheer strength of his opponent, Ravana fainted. With a disdainful glance, the giant threw Ravana to the ground and walked away.

When Ravana regained consciousness, he found himself alone. Dazed and humiliated, he asked his army if anyone had seen where the giant had gone. The soldiers informed him that the giant had disappeared into the nether world.

Determined to confront this mysterious being once more, Ravana ventured into the nether world. There, he found the giant resting in a magnificent palace, attended by beautiful women. Overcome by lust and arrogance, Ravana attempted to touch the women. Instantly, the giant's eyes blazed with fire, and a searing pain struck Ravana, causing him to fall back, wounded.

Humbled and in awe, Ravana asked, "Who are you?"

The giant responded with a serene yet authoritative tone, "I do not see any need to identify myself to you."

Recognizing the giant's unparalleled power, Ravana admitted, "It seems you are the only one who can defeat me."

With a slight nod, the giant revealed his true identity, "So be it." He then declared, "I am Bhagavan Vishnu."

Overwhelmed by the revelation and the divine presence of Vishnu, Ravana left the place, his arrogance subdued and his spirit chastened.

This tale was recounted by the wise Sage Agastya to Sri Rama in the Uttara Khanda of the Krittibasi Ramayana, highlighting the humbling encounter of Ravana with the supreme deity, Vishnu.