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Story of Ravana Attacking Chandra – The Moon God – Bengali Krittibasi Ramayana

Ravana, the ten-headed demon king of Lanka, was a warrior always in search of new conquests and battles to demonstrate his might. One early morning, as he roamed the skies in his chariot, he noticed the Moon setting on the horizon. This sight infuriated him. How dare the Moon travel over him without acknowledging his supremacy? Feeling insulted, Ravana decided that he would confront Chandra, the Moon God, and teach him a lesson. This story is found in the Bengali Krittibasi Ramayana.

Determined, Ravana set off in his magnificent chariot, traversing the vast landscapes with ease. His journey took him over his own mountainous territories until he reached the sacred spot where the River Ganga, descending from the heavens, touched the earth as Bhagirathi. There, Ravana took a ritualistic bath in the holy waters, cleansing himself and preparing for the imminent battle.

With renewed vigor, Ravana continued his journey and soon came across the divine couple, Shiva and Parvati, along with Shiva's numerous followers. Acknowledging their presence but not deterred from his mission, Ravana pressed on until he finally stood face to face with Chandra, the luminous Moon God.

As soon as Chandra spotted Ravana, he understood the demon king's intentions. To protect himself, Chandra conjured a powerful storm of ice, hoping to freeze Ravana and his army into submission. The sudden onslaught of icy winds and snow overwhelmed Ravana's forces. The soldiers' hands grew numb, and their spirits began to wane under the relentless cold.

However, Ravana was not so easily defeated. He called upon his mastery of divine weapons and invoked the fire weapon, a powerful tool capable of countering the freezing storm. With a surge of fiery energy, Ravana began to thaw the ice and regain control of the battlefield. He then unleashed a barrage of arrows, sending Chandra and the stars scattering in all directions, seeking refuge from the demon king's wrath.

In desperation, Chandra fled to Brahma, the creator god, and pleaded for his intervention. Hearing Chandra's plight, Brahma appeared before Ravana, emanating an aura of calm and authority. He addressed the enraged king with a stern yet compassionate tone.

"Ravana, you have lost your senses. Why do you wage war against the Moon? This senseless aggression serves no purpose. Leave this place and return to your land in peace."

Ravana, recognizing Brahma's divine authority and not wishing to offend the creator god, reluctantly agreed. He ceased his attack, retracted his weapons, and with a final glance at the humbled Moon, departed from the celestial realm. Ravana returned to his kingdom, leaving Chandra to resume his journey across the night sky unchallenged.