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Goddess Durga Idol from Lenox India –Limited Edition – $2000

Lenox – US gift and collectible major and manufacturer of fine chinaware, accessories and gifts – released a sculpture of Hindu Goddess Durga in ivory fine china and pure 24 karat gold. Goddess Durga idol is a strict limited edition of 500 pieces and is priced at $2000. Simmi Chopra of Lenox India is credited with this limited edition. Two years back, Simmi had brought out a limited edition Lenox Ganesha Idol.

Only 250 pieces of Goddess Durga idol will be released in 2008. The idol is made in ivory fine china and pure 24 karat gold claims the Lenox India website. The idol weighs 8 pound and is hand-painted. The stones used on the idol are Austrian crystal Swarovski gemstones.

In the idol, Goddess Durga is depicted as a delicate and beautiful goddess, her strength and energetic movement visible through her position on the tiger and her hold on the weapons.

Goddess Durga Idol details from the makers:

For Goddess Durga, we wanted to use Red for her Sari, but we had huge production problems with streaking, when the sari was painted red. The closest, color that we could do without it streaking was pink, to keep it in the same color family. The color red is mostly associated with Goddess Durga. She was given a Himalayan Tiger by God Himalaya. Himalayan Tigers are usually white in color, this is the reason that the Tiger that Goddess Durga is sitting on is white in color.

Please note that the Goddess Durga Idol is not displayed in the official Lenox website. It is found on the Lenox India website.

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