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Ekadashi 2011 – Ekadasi Calendar 2011 with Fasting Dates

Ekadasi 2011 dates based on Indian standard time (IST). Ekadashi is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Vishnu on the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight in traditional Hindu calendar. In 2011, there are 24 Ekadasis. Fasting on Ekadasis is considered highly auspicious and is believed to help in washing away the sins committed. Observing Ekadashi is also considered one of the ways to attain Moksha. Here are the Ekadasi dates in 2011. January 15, 2011, Saturday – Putrada Ekadasi (Smarta) January 16, 2011, Sunday – Putrada Ekadasi (Bhagavath in most regions on this day) January 29, 2011, Saturday – Shattila Ekadashi (In most regions) January 30, 2011, Sunday – Shattila Ekadashi – Satila Ekadasi (Only in some regions) February 14, 2011, Monday – Jaya Ekadasi (In most regions) February 15, 2011, Tuesday - Jaya Ekadasi (Bhagavath in some regions) February 28, 2011, Monday  – Vijaya Ekadashi March 16, 2011, Wednesday  – Amalki Ekadashi March 30, 2011, Wednesday – Papmochani Ekadasi – Papamochni Eka…

Thanka Anki Procession to Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple

The Thanka Anki procession to the SabarimalaAyyappaTemple is an important ritual during the 41-day Mandala Pooja held at the Sabarimala Shrine. Thanka Anki is the gold ornaments that are adorned on the idol of Lord Ayyappa on the Mandala Pooja day, which marks the culmination of the 41-day Mandala Pooja. The Thanka Anki procession starts from the AranmulaSreeParthasarathyTemple four days prior to the Mandala Pooja day.
Thanka Anki means the Golden Attire – the Golden Attire of Lord Ayyappa, weighing 450 Sovereigns of gold. It was offered to Lord Ayyappa by Sri Chithira Thirunal, erstwhile Maharaja of Travancore in 1973. The Thanka Anki is carried to the Sabarimala Shrine in a specially-decorated vehicle. It will visit numerous temples on its way and opportunity to darshan will be provided for Devotees. The AranmulaSreeParthasarathyTemple is around 100 km away from SabarimalaAyyappaTemple. The deeparadhana on the final day of Mandala Pooja will be performed by adorning the idol of Ayyap…

Teachings of Sant Tukaram

Look at my experience. I made God my own and He gave the answers to my questions whenever and wherever I put those to Him.The devotee’s love is like the leash, Hari goes wherever He is led.No point in offering advice where it goes unheeded, now the only advice henceforth is that keep your life from going waste.Never keep the company of bad people, strive always to be in the company of saints.Uplift of the downtrodden is the greatness of saints, therefore, abjure the bad and hanker after the saints.Make money through honest means only and amass it with a detached mind.Sant Tukaram