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Book – Heaven on Earth – The Universe of Kerala’s Guruvayur Temple

Heaven on Earth: The Universe of Kerala’s GuruvayurTemple, written by British writer and photographer Pepita Seth, narrates the history of Guruvayoor SriKrishnaTemple, its rituals and beliefs, its traditional style of management, its festivals and its patronage of ancient art forms in Kerala and its elephants. The book is a result of seven years’ research and is supported by brilliant photographs.Driven by passion and respect for Kerala’s culture and traditions, Pepita Seth began seriously photographing and writing about the rituals of Hindus in Kerala from the 1970s. In 1981, she was given official permission to enter Hindu temples in Kerala.The Guruvayoor SriKrishnaTemple is one of the most important Hindu temples in world and is frequented by millions of devotees. The temple is mentioned in the ‘Mahabharata’. The history of the idol worshipped in the temple goes back to the Dwapara Yuga when Lord Krishna lived on earth.“I feel that Guruvayur is important on many different levels:…