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Gurubhakta Ekalavya – Mobile Game based on Hindu Scriptures

Gurubhakta Ekalavya, from Nazara Technologies, is a mobile game based on characters from Hindu scriptures and is supported by most of the handsets available in India. The game is based on Eklavya, the tribal warrior, from the Mahabharata. Gurubhakta Ekalavya is a 2D game and is available on J2ME and Brew platforms and also aims to impart lessons from Hindu scriptures. It can also be played on the iPhone and 3G services phone.The story of Ekalavya is one of the most outstanding episodes in the Mahabharata and it continues to inspire millions of people.Guru Dronacharya rejects Ekalavya’s attempt to learn archery under him. But a determined Ekalavya learns archery in the presence of a clay image of Drona. And finally gives away his thumb as Guru Dakshina to Drona. In the game Gurubhakta Ekalavya, the player will be instructed by a clay statue of Dronacharya. Guru Drona will give the player targets to achieve in a level. The game has been provided with an interactive screen and Drona talk…

Words of Wisdom – Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati

When adversities overtake us, we blame God and complain that He is blind to our misfortunes. But if we indulge in a little introspection, we will realize that our faults are so enormous that we are utterly unworthy of His grace and, in spite of that we are able to get food, shelter and clothing. It is due to the abundant mercy of God. We must consider the difficulties we encounter as a blessing in disguise.A mother may tie the hands of her child who has the propensity to pick up and eat mud. This seeming cruelty of the mother is for the good of the child. Similarly troubles are verily God's grace to save us. In the entire picture of life, troubles form but a tiny spot. In our inability to visualize the past and the future, we complain when we suffer in the present. A proper perspective will enable us to understand our present plight in its proper setting. Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati

Tukaram Grantha Parayan Sohala as part of 400th birth anniversary Sant Tukaram at Dehu

Tukaram Grantha Parayan Sohala, sacred book reading, attended by 2000,000 devotees is being held at Dehu village in Maharashtra as part of the 400th birth anniversary celebrations of Sant Tukaram. The week-long programme is organized by the Akhil Bhartiya Warkari Mandal and is attended by devotees from India and abroad. The great saint-poet, Tukaram (1608-1650) was born at Dehu village near Pune in Maharashtra and he spread the devotion for Lord Vithoba (Vitthal) through his poems. Somnath Deshkar writes in Times of IndiaAccording to Prakash Maharaj Bodhale, president of Akhli Bharatiya Warkari Mandal, the 'Grantha Parayan' will be held round the clock for the next eight days. The warkari mandal received over one lakh nominations from devotees to participate in the programme . Huge pandals have been erected and other arrangements for the devotees' convenience have also been made. The pandal can accommodate nearly 60,000 people. A separate conference on Sant Tukaram's l…