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Hillary Clinton as Hindu God Lord Vishnu

An article written by Gillian Reagan in the The New York Observer titled ‘Superstar Avatars’ has a picture of Hillary Clinton as Lord Vishnu. The article talks about the importance of profile photo in various social networks like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. It goes on to say how the politicians change their profile photos to adapt to the current political climate. The article then details about the ‘avatar’ chosen by popular personalities and the psychology behind it. Avatar or Avatara is popularly translated as an incarnation and is popularly associated with the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Today, profile photo in various online social networks and Second Life is referred as an Avatar. The online 3-D persona which users create is also known as an avatar.So the photo of Hillary Clinton as Lord Vishnu is an attempt to convey the gist of the article – Superstar Avatars. (Please note Hillary is totally innocent here.)We Hindus are used to politicians adorning the roles of Hindu gods –…