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True Knowledge Is To Know Yourself at Every Level

Narada: My knowledge has not brought me peace or joy. It does not help me overcome my fear of death, and thus its value is compromised. I'm tired of knowing and drowning in misery. Take me beyond knowing to where I may find freedom.Everything I have learned so far seems to be means of exercising my skills or gaining worldly recognition. How can the knowledge I have obtained through years of arduous study have real value when I will lose it at death and have to start all over again in the next lifetime?Sanat Kumara: The problem is that you confuse true knowledge, which is gained directly from within, with mere information, which is gained through words and sentences. All the branches of art and science that you mentioned are mere collections of words-they have no substance. You learned them in the form of words, and you pass them on to your students in the form of words.Your knowledge of these disciplines gave you the means of maintaining your existence on this earthly plane, which…