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Economic Recession creates high demand for Financial and Vedic Astrologers

Thanks to the current economic recession, astrologers and astrology websites are having a great time as more and more people are taking to astrology to know about the dips and surges in stock markets. This might surely sound a joke and bizarre for a large section of people. But majority of large and small investors in India believe that astrology can predict the future or at least give an idea of what is going to happen.

Interestingly, there is a great interest in astrology courses and those joining the courses include bank employees, chartered accountants, engineers and people related to finance. The salary package for a financial astrologer ranges from half a million rupees to two million rupees per annum.

And if you thought the craze for astrology was limited to Indians then its time to update. Financial astrology is in great demand in United States, Britain and other European nations. It is considered as a lucrative profession.

Nikhila Henry writes in Times of India

The 2008-09 batch of the Astrology Department of Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University has seen 10 of its Vedic Astrologers bag jobs in various portals and financial astrology websites.

Hired as Vedic consultants, financial astrologers and Vasthu experts both in India and abroad, they'll be required to make predictions on the stock market, the success of business ventures and offer astro-tips on financial management. Students specializing in financial and Vedic astrology are being lapped up by websites looking for such certified professionals, according to university officials.

The demand for Vedic consultants in companies abroad has increased over the years, with about 20 students getting jobs in the last two years. Around 150 students pass out of the department every year. ‘There's a marked shift from the times when students doing a course in astrology had no opportunities other than further studies. I think this is the best time the students ever had,’' dean, department of astrology, C V B Subrahmaniam