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Karthigai Somavaram – Kartika Somavara Vratam

Karthigai Somavaram, or Karthika Somavara Ubayam, is the Mondays in the Tamil Month Karthigai which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In 2018, Karthigai Masam is from November 17 to December 15. Kartika Somavar Vratam is observed by Shiva devotees in the month and special pujas and rituals are held in Shiva temples in maintained by Tamil community. Fasting from sunrise to sunset is undertaken by many devotees. 
Note - In neighboring Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh also Kartik Month of importance and Mondays are dedicated to Shiva. 
Karthigai Somavaram Vratam is observed because it is in this month Shiva destroyed the three cities of Tripuri built by demon Tripurasura. Legend has it that a powerful demon named Tripuri or Tripurasura built three impregnable cities of gold, silver and iron with the blessing of Lord Shiva. The demon became so powerful and his inflated ego knew no bounds and started attacking and tormenting humans and demi gods (devas). Brahma and Vishnu failed to contain Tripuras…

Prathamastami - Pradam Ashtami in Odisha in 2018

Prathamastami is observed on the eight day (ashtami) in the month of Margasira (November – December) in Odisha. Special pujas are performed for the wellbeing and prosperity of the eldest child in the family.  In 2018, the date of Prathamastami is December 15. Prathamastami is based on the social belief that it is the eldest child who has to look after the family after the death of the parents and it this child who has to continue the lineage or the family tradition.

The eldest child is presented new clothes and Kalasha is placed on a rice bed before. This symbolizes prosperity and fertility. Sasthi Devi is prayed to for the long life of the child by mother and other female members.

A delicacy called Haladi Patra Pitha – rice cake filled with sweet stuffing and wrapped in green leaves of turmeric plant before being steamed – is made as Prasad and is distributed. The cake is first offered to Sasthi Devi, who is the protector of children.

Kanakadasa Thoughts and Quotes

Bathing in the holy river without conquering internal pride, envy and wrath is meaningless.

Exhibiting hyperbolic devotion is like an actress exhibiting her illusory beauty.

Does fragrance lie in the flower? Or the flower in fragrance?
Or do both the flower and fragrance lie in the nostrils?
I cannot say, O Lord Adikeshava of Kaginele,
O! peerless one, are all things within you alone?

It is better to quarrel with the wise than to be with the ignorant; it is better to beg in a populous city than to starve in a royal palace; it is better to live in a deserted temple than to live in the company of the jealous.

According to Kanakadasa untouchable is one – ‘who preaches virtue but does not practice it; who serves the king and yet wishes him ill; who lusts after a whore; who poisons the patient through medicine.’


Life History of Kanakadasa