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Varalakshmi Nombu - Varamahalakshmi Nonbu

Varalakshmi Nombu, or Vara Mahalakshmi Puja, is a popular Hindu ritual observed by married women in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and by some communities in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. In 2017, the date of Varalakshmi Nonbu is August 4. Married women worship Goddess Lakshmi on this day. In Tamil Nadu the festival takes place in the Aadi month of Tamil calendar and in Karnataka in the Shravan month of Kannada Calendar.
It is believed that worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on this day gives the benefits of worshipping Ashta Lakshmi – the eight goddesses of Earth, Learning, Wealth, Love, Fame, Strength, Peace and Pleasure. Legend has it that Lord Shiva explained about the importance of Varalakshmi Nombu to Goddess Parvati, when the Goddess wanted to know about the most beneficial nombu or Vratam that married women should observe.
On the day, homes are cleaned and will be decorated with mango leaves and rangoli. Footprints of the goddess will be painted from the threshold to the place of worship, s…

Ravana Worshipped in Kolar District of Karnataka

Ravana, the demon King of Lanka in epic Ramayana, is always portrayed in the negative. For majority of the people, he is the villain and demon who is ultimately killed by Lord Ram. But there are also several positive traits to the character of Ravana, which is worshipped by certain communities in Hinduism. For centuries, there is a tradition of worshipping Lankadipathi, the king of Lanka, by the people in Kolar District of Karnataka during the harvest festival. One of the positive traits in Ravana’s character was his unfathomable devotion for Lord Shiva. The people of Kolar District celebrate and worship this particular aspect of Ravana. Lord Shiva is popularly referred as Ishwara in this region because he is here known mainly as Gangadharishwara, Ramalingishwara and Markandeshwara. A procession of a ten-headed idol of Ravana along with an idol of Shiva and the village deity takes place in the annual harvest festival procession. Interestingly, there is also a temple dedicated to Ravan…