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Panchamirtham Prasadam of Palani Muruga Temple to Be Made By Automated Machines

The sweet Panchamirtham prasadam of the famous Lord Muruga Temple in Tamil Nadu will soon be produced by automated machines. At present, it is being prepared by hands and only the crushing and mixing of fruits is partly automated. Panchamirtham, considered to be the oldest form of jam, is made from bananas, dates, raisins, sugar, ghee, cardamom and sugar candy. There is an ever increasing demand for this sweet prasadam of Lord Muruga.

Palani Muruga Temple is visited by more than 200,000 in a month and the numbers double during festival seasons.

The temple administration cites following reason to shift from handmade to machinery

  • Hygiene.
  • Increase the production to meet the high demand.
  • To give a constant taste to Panchamirtham Prasadam – it used vary when it was prepared manually.

Hindustan Times reports

The automated units have a chain of crushing, mixing filling and packing machines and the production was expected to commence in the first week of August.

The trials have proved that the machines can prepare the fruit mix and would give an output of 2,000 (500 gms) tin per hour.

As many as 13 workers would be operating the machine. The panchamirtham ensures a long shelf life and keeps it suitable for consumption even without refrigeration.

"If the seal of the prasadam pack is opened, it can be suitable for consumption within a week. If it is not opened it it is fit for consumption within a month", they added.

The 500 grams of the temple's fruit mix comes in two packs-- food grade plastic jars and sealed aluminum foil tin at a price of Rs 25 and Rs.30, respectively.