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Mobile Handset with Ramayan Videos Songs Wallpapers and Hanuman Chalisa

The Sagem Bleu 466X Ramayana mobile phone now in sale in India is preloaded with wallpapers, video and songs from the famous television series of Ramayan by Ramanand Sagar. The handset is also preloaded with shlokas from Ramayana, animations and Hanuman Chalisa. The Bleu 466X Ramayan mobile is launched in India by Pratham Telecom, the distributors of Sagem Mobile France in India. The preloaded Ramayan mobile is of great help to those people who are interested in having spiritual content on their mobile. It saves time needed to download and money that is otherwise needed to be paid to the content providers.The Bleu 466X Ramayan mobile handset is priced of Rs.4, 199 and comes with a free 512 MB memory card.

Hindu American Foundation Invites Applications for the First Annual Shri Narayana Guru Award for Outstanding Leadership in Social Reform in India

In its effort to fight the caste based discrimination, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) in collaboration with the Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD), a leading non-governmental organization based at The Hague, Netherlands, is now accepting nominations for Award for Outstanding Leadership in Social Reform in India. The award is dedicated to the 19th century sage and social reformer, Shri Narayana Guru of Kerala, India. From HAF's press release on the First Annual Shri Narayana Guru Award:The award seeks to recognize individuals or organizations working for social upliftment and human rights advocacy for ‘Harijans’, a common term of self-identity used by Hindus considered to exist on the bottom rung of the Hindu social order (or caste).The specific areas of work the award seeks to recognize include women's rights, health, education, economic upliftment, social equality, religious equality, and justice.The Award is dedicated to the 19th century sage and social reformer Sri Nar…

Honey Gatherer – Fourteenth Guru of Dattatreya

The fourteenth guru was a honey-gatherer. The bee speeds his time making honey which the honey-gatherer enjoys. Dattatreya realized that most often people spend their lifetimes gathering possessions in the faint hope that they will give them happiness and security. Not only do these possessions not give any inner security, but the majority of people are so busy gathering possessions that they do not have time to enjoy them. They are enjoyed by other people. What a waste of time, energy and emotional investment, felt Dattatreya. Precious time should be spent, not in acquiring but in reaching the inner self.RelatedElephant – the thirteenth Guru of Dattatreya