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Buy Gangajal: Holy Water from River Ganga now Available Online for Sale!

Numerous online shopping sites in India are now selling bottled Gangajal – packed water from River Ganges. The websites claim that the 500 ml of Gangajal is filled from Haridwar. The bottled Ganga water is sold in the religion and spirituality section under puja accessories of most online shopping sites. The cost ranges from Rupees 100 to 200. The websites claim that the bottled water fight the malefic effects of the Kali Yuga. It can be used during pujas and placing the bottled Ganga water at home would bring good luck and prosperity. Other claims include the holy vibrations from the water would ward off evil and bad luck. Now how can a potential buyer be sure that the bottled water is Gangajal? The websites offer no answer. At present there is no government agency or competent authority to check whether the water that is being sold is Gangajal or not.But it is said that real Gangajal never putrefies, even if it is kept in a container. RelatedScience Behind The Extraordinary Purify…